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  • Straight White Guys:

    It's not racist. The reason why most characters are straight white guys is it's a business. They just want to do what makes the most money. No one's being racist or sexist. It's just smart business.

  • Straight White Guys:

    Having a Black Captain America or Pakistani Ms. Marvel or female Thor is PANDERING. All they're trying to do is get MONEY from you. It's just a marketing ploy! This is horrible!


Has anybody thought about the PDS youtube community though?

Sure you’ve got your extremist stuff, but I’ll bet you the top videos would be something like:

"tutorial: applying coverup makeup"

"shit non-risen people say to PDS sufferers"

"PDS jackass stunts"

"tips on pretending to eat"

"queer pds girls looking for queer pds girls"

"sorry for vlog hiatus I died"

"how to pass as living in job interviews"

"watch jack eat his own leg"


Over half of men prefer women in jeans and a t-shirt to any other outfit.


A bale of cotton weighs about 500 pounds and makes more than 1,200 women’s t-shirts.

The first pair of jean trousers was made in Genoa, Italy, which is also where the word “jean” comes from.


casual repulsion
Over half of women prefer men who shut the fuck up and stop giving fashion advice while wearing literal shit, and the rest aren’t into dudes.

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